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It’s safe to drop even the 50lb SandBell® on your foot!

Grip, lift, slam, toss, curl, balance, swing, crunch. The Hyperwear SandBell® is a simple yet powerful training tool. Working your body, challenging your muscles and increasing your stamina—simultaneously, all with one mighty piece of neoprene.

Thick neoprene is soft and stretchy, but durable enough to be pulled, yanked, and abused daily. The sand provides an excellent challenge for grip strength. Variable sand density, due to the easy fill mechanism, changes the grip ability. The active, shifting movement of the sand-filled core challenges targeted muscles, as well as core stability groups.

The Hyperwear SandBell, at its most basic level, combines the strengths of some of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment – sandbag, dumbbell, grip bag, medicine ball, stability pod, gliding disk and kettlebell.

You add the sand to save on shipping costs.

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  • Weight varies based on purchase.
  • You add the sand to save on shipping costs.

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