Battling Ropes

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The trend in fitness right now is moving away from machines and weights and toward products and exercises that incorporate multiple muscle groups at once. One of the most effective ways of achieving a total body workout is through rope training, which combines high intensity and low impact movements with a full range of motion workout.




The length of your Battling Rope can be adjusted to increase or decrease the difficulty by simply wrapping the rope around a stationary object. The longer the rope, the harder the workout.

Battling Ropes help build stamina, gain lean muscle mass, burn fat, and strengthen core muscles.

Rope training was recently voted by Men’s Health magazine as the best cardio workout.

Sheathed Ropes are covered with a durable nylon cover to extent the life of the rope.

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Power Conditioning Rope, 30', Power Conditioning Rope, 40', Power Conditioning Rope, 50', Power Conditioning Rope, 100', Sheathed Rope, 30', Sheathed Rope, 50'


1,5" diameter, 2" diameter


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