Pro-Fit is the Benelux distributor for a wide range of high quality fitness products ideal for Bootcamp, CrossFit and Personal training.

We supply professional grade equipment for realistic prices.

All of the products have been used by professional athletes, clubs and consumers.

Please go through our website and you will see a number of truly unique products such as the Portable Bootcamp. This compact cart contains almost everything that a trainer might need to support a great Bootcamp training session. Easy to transport and use, anywhere anytime.

The Lateral Resistor is an example of really strong piece of equipment, with thick padded cuffs which will remain in place no matter how tough a workout. This type of quality is designed to last a lifetime.

The Smart Series of self-guided equipment is truly unique. On each piece of equipment are illustrations demonstrating how the product can be used. Idea for people to train on their own either in a gym or at home.

Kevin Couch is the owner of Pro-Fit and he truly loves exercising outdoors. He has been doing fitness exercises and running for over 40 years, and enjoys doing it every opportunity that he gets. He is a qualified fitness professional and gives weekly Bootcamp training classes. In his free time he runs marathons, plays tennis and cycles regularly.

We are very interested to provide you the innovative, high quality fitness equipment that you are looking for.

Please contact us with any questions that you may have info@professional-fitness.nl

Our company slogan is ‘Your health – my passion’ which sums up how we feel about you and your health.